Learn Chinese Language

Learn Chinese Language

It’s easy and exciting to learn Chinese language skills. Tons of self teaching audio and software options abound, and finding the right one to learn Chinese language is as simple as a little research.

First, it’s helpful to decide which Chinese you would like to learn. That sounds bizarre, but in a country with such geographical span and whose population exceeds one billion, differences in dialect are important to bear in mind. To learn Chinese language, you would be wise to research these differences, and their usefulness, before embarking on a long term study program.

Cantonese or Mandarin? Luckily, audio programs and software language programs exist for both of these. Cantonese is king, or emperor, in Hong Kong. Mainland China, Singapore, and Taiwan are the provinces of Mandarin.

Anyone desiring to learn Chinese language might be shocked to discover they already have a basic knowledge. Deciding to learn Chinese language will expose one to a variety of familiar phrases, particularly the names of popular food dishes.

Why is Learning Chinese Language Important?

The word China comes from the Qing (pronounced Ching) Dynasty, and the Forbidden City (in the Chinese capitol of Beijing) was home to China’s great emperors. Mandarin itself is based upon a Beijing dialect once popularized by the Imperial Families. Beijing cuisine is therefore the standard Chinese cuisine, as Mandarin is considered Modern Standard Chinese.

Ever had Moo Shu pork? Anyone who’s enjoyed the dish automatically speaks some Chinese. However, to learn Chinese language entails more than memorizing the English version of a few Mandarin dishes.

Chinese Language Software

Several methods exist to learn Chinese language. One can begin with the alphabet. This method makes it somewhat challenging to learn Chinese language, but not impossible. A host of software programs can be acquired that begin with alphabet memorization processes. For people with great visual memories, this is the preferred way to learn Chinese language.

Another way to learn Chinese language is via audio, or immersion by listening. You are introduced to sounds, words, and simple sentences in Chinese, and repeats them back. It’s convenient to learn Chinese language this way. You can also customize your lessons, and move at a comfortable pace. Learn Chinese language easily in a year.

There are free online courses with which to learn Chinese language. Online courses to learn Chinese language include virtual classrooms, vocabulary drills, and short conversations acted out by native speakers.

With these methods, it’s easy to learn Chinese language.

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