Online Language Learning

Online Language Learning

The option to learn language online is far more popular these days, since there are great options for software to support it, including audio options to assure good pronunciation to learn a language online; and it’s surprising how easy it is to become involved with online language learning.

Online Language Learning in the 21st Century

Today’s economic challenges will often spark a decision to learn a language online – which now can be at your fingertips, 24/7,and just about anyone can access the means to learn a language online.

The old educational model, until now — including the chance to learn a language online — hadn’t changed in the last 900 years. The students attending those ancient universities would be stunned, indeed, to know that nearly 1,000 years later, students of today think nothing of the challenge to learn a language online.

These days at Oxford, there is no doubt an offer to learn language online, and there are many other offerings in the division of Online Language Learning in the Department of Continuing Education there, featuring wide range of online and professional courses available – which may include the chance to learn language online.

Online Language Learning Creates New Opportunities

The opportunity for what is now called ‘lifelong learning’ there — and at other universities worldwide — also offer subjects including an option to learn language online and the students either use credits to qualify for a degree, or for general purposes; but no matter what else they may be studying, there is an increasing number who will be choosing to learn language online — and they will no doubt how readily they can learn language online!

In the past this had meant learning to communicate in the language of trade or of diplomacy; there are also many opportunities to learn language online for the languages traditionally overlooked. This has often been sparked by having more literature in translation — which brings to the fore, a great reason to learn language online.

These days, the internet has made the world “flat,” indeed, as the journalist, Tom Friedman has observed, and there is a greater demand for those who can speak more than one language, and this accounts for the recent trends to learn language online.

Online Language Learning Creates a Global Community

While it’s true that the new demand to learn a language online has gone hand and hand with satellite TV and foreign films, there are now many more ways to learn a language online at your convenience, part-time, over a period of months or years. This new interest has also led ordinary people to have adventures to relatively unknown destinations and it had made sense to go ahead and learn language online.

In the world of business, and the arts, there are now opportunities to combine vacations with exploring other places, including “eco-tourism,” and the recently-popular notion of “voluntourism,” where those who are fluent in languages (and some who may even have had a chance to learn a language online) traditionally spoken in the developing world, are comfortable visiting places which would have been nearly unreachable in the past, where they can assist those in need of a helping hand — and their initiative to learn a language online can then be invaluable.

Other demands for learning a language online include those who may have been late bloomers and missed the opportunity for additional studies or for those who may now be switching careers, for one reason or another.

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